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5 Effective tips of free Website Promotion

Here are five ways to promote the website without spending a penny. If you put time aside each day to do this you will find that your results will increase over time.

So, here are the five strategies.

1. Videos.

A series of videos can be made to post on the blog and YouTube . You can record anything you like that is related to your website.

Be Creative.

Do not have to stay with recording from just your screen. Some very popular videos start with the presenter outside somewhere interesting, like a beach or driving their car. They then take you into their studio, where they switch to screen mode to give you the rest of the presentation. Very creative and this seems to work very well.

2. Podcasting.

Podcasts are becoming ever popular and for good reason. They are a great way to connect with your audience. With a weekly podcast show you can have different guests on each week talking about different but related information for your listeners.

3. Forums.

Forums are another great way to promote the website. The secret to getting this right is by spending lots of time on them answering questions that other users have asked. You can start off posts with great and relevant questions. When you leave your name in the post other users will see it. Over time you will become known in the community.

4. Articles.

Articles have always been a great way to connect with potential leads. They have a great advantage as the shelf life of an article lasts for as long as it is published. If it is still relevant even after a year or two it may still get views. With a resource box at the end of the article your website will be seen by the reader.

5. Guest Blogging.

There are lots of blogs that will let you comment on their posts and let you leave a link back to your website. Some bloggers actively look for writers to guest blog. This gives their blog new content and you can get more promotion to your own website and name by doing this. You can use search engines to find blogs who are looking for guest bloggers in your niche.

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