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small business SEO tips


'Hello Google , show me the restuarent near me....' and here is the result !!!By introducing AUto ML in 2018 Google 
gaves us the hint that Omtimizing Keyword for Voice Search is mandatory factor for better ranking.
Small business should plan their promotion strategy keeping 'Voice Search' in mind.After tax cut off for USA Small Business 2018 can be a very successful year for Small Business in USA.
Five things you should keep in mind while setting up your business plan for this year -

Search engine marketing-
In 2018 Small Businesses should work on Google Keyword planner,Campagin Planner,Google search console,and Google anlytics to get better result in search engine marketing.Plan your keyword for mobile voice search and other device friendly.

Mobile Marketing. ...

Content marketing. ...

Social Media marketing. ...

Local SEO strategy.

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