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9 Effective Tips to Improve Website’s Ranking

The below-mentioned suggestions can go a long way in improving site’s ranking on Google.

  1. Publish Content with Relevant Keywords:

Content plays a key role in improving your site’s ranking. A page with original and useful content attracts more traffic than a page with inferior content. The most important thing to keep in mind that only relevant content drives search-engine ranking. Therefore, focusing on creating quality content can draw more traffic to the site. Moreover, relevant and original content not only strengthens the authority of the website but also improves its relevance. At the same time, quality content should never be sacrifice for the sake of SEO. While writing content for web pages it is very important to keep the readers in mind, not the search engine.


  1. Content complements the keywords and description of the site:

This is yet another important factor is that if the visitors leave the site on finding out that the content of site does not match their search, the site owner will end up getting penalized.


  1. Identify Relevant Keyword Phrases:

Identifying and using relevant keyword phrase for the web pages also helps to improve site’s ranking. The best way to identify relevant keywords is to determine the possible phrases that online visitors might type to search for the page. However, web-pages should not be overload with keywords or keyword phrases. They should be repeated not more than thrice throughout the content.


  1. Revise the Web Content On A Regular Basis:

This helps in maintaining the relevance of the site’s content. Thus, to provide the readers with fresh content and keeping updated with web content regularly.


  1. Translate Website in Different Languages:

Website traffic can be increased significantly by translating web pages to different regional languages. Once the website traffic increases, the page rank will automatically go up.


  1. Accurate Meta Description:

The meta description of the website is displayed to the visitors once it shows up in the search results. It is indispensable to have an accurate meta-description as motivates people to enter your site, thus, leading to more clicks on the site.


  1. Optimize Web Pages:

It is essential to optimize the content of the site for conversational searches as well as keyword searches. This can be done simply by picking suitable title for articles so that the words used in the title are related to the words used in the popular search query. At the same time, it should be ensured that the web content caters to the needs of the readers by answering the questions they have in their mind.


  1. Using back links:

Once search engines notice visitors entering the site from other sites, the rank on search engine goes up. If the visitors originate from a reputable site, it will have a significant impact on the site’s rank.

While commenting on other blog posts back links can be added for the readers to get redirected to the site as and when they click on the back link. Moreover, by submitting the site to more web directories can enhance the website’s chance of ranking high.


  1. Use of alt tags:

Last but not least, if video or visual media is used on the site then it should describe them using alt tags so that search engines can easily locate the web pages.

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