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Refund Policy

The Initial or upfront deposit paid to Ewswebs covers the cost of Consulting and Development Services carried out by our team. We believes in rightful refund in case of a reasonable refund claim. It does not mean that the client will get a refund as soon as they claim one. The company reserves full right to decide on refund claims. Depending on the reason for claim and the conditions under which the claim has been forwarded, We reserves the right to proceed to refund the amount fully or partially or reject the claim.

No Refund claim is entertained after the development has already started. We have put in lot of resources for pre-development and any claim will be processed only after settling the charges of work done so far, if it is approved for refund. Breach of terms from the clients part does not warrant any refund claims. As will be mentioned in our service agreement, any refund claim from the clients part will depend entirely depend on the company policies and individual agreement terms.

If the services opted by you are Hourly with dedicated resources, then these are non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

We follows different cancellation policies for web and software development agreements. The cancellation procedure will be clearly mentioned in the agreement and will be strictly followed. Any cancellation request should be forwarded to the accounts department and implementation department as per the agreement terms.